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    Hi everyone !

    I'd need a hand setting up ipV6 with ispconfig3.
    I'm running a fresh install ubuntu 18.04 server with latest IspConfig3 (as per perfect server tutorial - Apache version). This server is a temp server, being that I tried to update my production server from 16.04 to 18.04, and in so doing things didn't go quite right.
    Among things I've discovered, The new Ubuntu server doesn't use /etc/network/interfaces any longer. The upgrade from 16 to 18 didn't take that much in account... missing parts, so I thought the best would be a clean install, passing via a temp server to host the websites & mail while I simply reinstall my production server squeaky clean.

    so, for the temp server, I've just made a clean install as described above, and I'd like to get the ipV6 settings right on this server so I can get it right on the prodcution server once I've got the issue under wraps :)

    first question : Does IspConfig take into account the new networking setup implemented by Ubuntu since 17.xx ? (confident that the answer is Yes)

    Second question : IN my old installation (ubuntu server 16.04+ispconfig3) I setup the /etc/network/interfaces manually, adding a load of virtual eth0:x that replied to corresponding IPs & was happy with that, but I know that it wasn't the way it was intended to be (I later discovered the checkbox in System -> Server Config -> Network Configuration, but it was already too late, so I left it unchecked & kept my handmade files). Now that the interfaces file is obsolete in Ubuntu 18, I'd like to know how to correctly implement IPV6 via ispconfig & have it write the rules as should be (yup! I've checked the Network Configuration option).

    I declared all the ipv4 and ipv6 addresses in the Server -> Service IP adresses, but still cannot ping6 any address nor site (although AAAA record exists) So, I must be missing a thing or two in my configuration...

    Is there a step by step 'for dummies' tutorial on how to use IspConfig to setup correctly ipv6 (and ipv4), and which files it modifies (if I'd like to tweak things there evntually - maybe not a great idea - but I'm a curious dude) ? Of course, IpV6 is important, especially for gmail (n'est-ce pas!) and I'd rather not deactivate it in postfix main file... I'm sure that the IspConfig crew has nailed this issue, but I'm clueless as to how to go about & set it up correctly. I bought the manual, but am still feeling like 'a dummie' on the issue. The more I read, the more I get confused !

    Thanks for any help on this.

    (P.S.: Servers are at OVH)
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