IPv6 for a Home/Web/Mail Server

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    there a a couple of description how to do a perfect server.

    my question or howto do wish would be

    If the Server you set up is at home behind a router which is changeing everyday the IP Adresse, how to configure that with ipv6 do you still use DDNS?

    to have a perfect Server you have also a DNS Server, but how to you name your Network? it is possible to use fantasy name? Imagine i have a Domaine as example help.org for the homepage you have a hoster somewhere, not at home, this page is called www.help.org how and where do you have to set up to teach www.help.org is the hoster but your new server at home how should be the name cloud.help.org or mail.help.org i am a bit confused about this naming stuff and how it works with IPv6

    thanks for a feedback
    have a nice day
  2. syswombat

    syswombat New Member

    ideas? plase

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