iptables PREROUTING on ISPC3 and OpenVZ

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by eko_taas, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. eko_taas

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    System: Debian Squeeze (node+VMs) + OpenVZ + 2xISPC3 (, one VM-node and ISPC3 others) close to HowTos
    (all with default ports)
    All good on intranet... but.....

    Long time back I started to use Pre-routing for external ports to have 2+ (physical) machines running under same IP:

    Now I have tried to replicate idea to VMs, but phasing interesting :eek: problem - OpenVZ seems to forward my request to wrong IP (always node).

    - ADSL-Router Port forward
    5000-5099 => 192.168.xxx.1 (node)
    5100-5199 => 192.168.xxx.2 (1st VM for ISPC3)

    My idea was to Pre-route ports to original at high level (Node Firewall pre-chain), so I added to Node's firewall /etc/Bastille/firewall.d/pre-chain-split.sh test rules as root:

    and then restarted firewall
    Now on client, all OK with
    but when
    no success. but I changing user name
    i.e. I logged in to Node, not to Server

    Same for ISPConfig3-console, all https://example.com:5103 (ment for Server goes to Node).

    I tried to look into OpenVZ-wiki, but could not find yet Pre-routing advice
    Also if I go ahead with "Setting up a HN-based firewall"-way, any special things I have to consider due ISPC3? Obviously VM-conf:s have to be cerated manually (which I wanted to avoid by using above shortcut).
  2. till

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    No, ispconfig does not setup or manage iptables except of the bastille firewall script which is a simpleport based firewall (and is disabled by default) and fail2ban which uses iptables to block attacks.
  3. eko_taas

    eko_taas New Member

    still canĀ“t get it running

    Getting bit desperate, have tried to look thru several HowTo with google, but most of the talking about CTs without IP (which I have, but only one public-IP, thus redirect needed to use several servers for same (isolated) service)

    e.g. http://www.linuxweblog.com/blogs/sandip/20101017/redirect-ports-inside-openvz-containers
    (instead of "/etc/sysconfig/vz" edited "/etc/vz/vz.conf" with similar line
    Also OpenVZ wiki looked thru....

    Now (even if I tried to return all to org), pre-chain-split.sh does not forward eveno to node
    Has anyone found good HowTo / wiki to solve this? Any help would be appreciated...

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