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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jbonlinea, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. jbonlinea

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    Hi guys

    I have installed nextcloud and collabora online CODE on the same stretch perfect server and so far so good, I can edit my file from nextcloud with CODE.
    Now I've installed a second nextcloud on an other server and can't connect to my collabora on the first server
    I assume it's related to firewall or iptables settings, but I couldn't find a safe answer by myself and online.

    Here some more detail

    on my stretch perfect server I have
    • cloud.mydomain.net where nextcloud is working like a charm
    • office.mydomain.net set up using collabora online debian package (see here) and with a reverse proxy (see here) so I can access to collabora here office.mydomain.net
    • for both domain I have set up an SSL certificate using ISPC interface (I thus have follow only some of the reverse proxy and ssl certificates tuto above)
    in nextcloud's settings, I have set that collabora URL is https://office.mydomain.net:443
    At this stage I can edit my file from nextcloud with collabora - yay !

    Now, I have an other server on which I set a domain cloud2.myotherdomain.net and installed nextcloud.
    Nextcloud is working like a charm, and I have defined that collabora url is also https://office.mydomain.net:443, however when I try to edit a file from nextcloud, it tries to open the file, but end up saying tha it can't to connect to collabora...

    I assume the issue comes from my perfect server settings, especially firewall, but I can't find how to be sure that any inbound and outbound request from a given domain (cloud.myotherdomain.net) or IP are accepted ?
    And if so, what could prevent my stuff to work ?

    Thank's in advance for your guidances.
  2. Taleman

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    If that was the only thing you did, it is hard to understand why the first server would be affected at all.
    Which hostnames in DNS name service point to which server? Have you tried testing without using name service like this: https://www.faqforge.com/linux/cont...ess-a-namebased-website-without-a-dns-record/ to verify it is not DNS that causes problems.
  3. jbonlinea

    jbonlinea Member

    Hi !
    ohhh, indeed, it isn't, I probably haven't exressed myself properly !
    On the first server, the stretch perfect server with ispc, with both collabora and nextcloud, I was, and I am still able to use colabora from nextcloud.
    It's only on the second server, where only nextcloud is installed, that I can't connect to collabora on the first server !
    That why I assume it's a firewall or someting similar issue.

    I may be mislead, but don't think it's a dns issue, for the reason above, among others.
    As I said above, I have a vhost office.mydomain.net with a reverse proxy and I can both connect to collabora using https://office.mydomain.net:443 from nextcloud, and access to collabora webui admin panel with the url https://office.mydomain.net/loleaflet/dist/admin/admin.html


    my guess is that is it either the perfect server, either collabora who refuse the connexion ?

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