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    Hey Guys, can someone help me out here.

    I am trying to setup some Monitoring... Heres my setup,

    Location A: Data Center: Central Monitoring Program . I can control all my network here.

    Location B: Minimal Control over internet hardware, and internet is sometimes very bad. Here i need to install a "Probe" per say that sends me info on the Location B stuff im monitoring

    I want to setup IPSEC via Centos as thats the Main OS im using everywhere.

    Can i setup IPSEC on Location B server so that it passes through their hardware and just reaches my Location A firewall that i have a NAT setup to passing IPSEC incoming from locked down locations like Location B to that IP.

    I DONT need to setup Location B LAN Hardware up except make sure we have ipsec passthrough allowed whcih i am 100% sure its ready.

    CentOS 6.2 64Bit on all machines
    And I would like to just setup Host-To-Host IPSEC. The Central -> Internet <- FW <- (Internal IP from FW DHCP) Probe (IP for Diff Network Monitored)-> Internal Network

    So question would be, how do i setup the Central (Server IPSEC) and the Client / Probe IPSEC

    Location B will most likely have slow internet as well, and IF their internet drops i need the vpn tunnel to restart itself and connect to Location A on its own. what would actually work better for me?

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