IPSConfig 2.2.9 -> Bind9 config problem

Discussion in 'General' started by bitonw, Jan 18, 2007.

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    After upgrading ISPConfig 2.2.8 to version 2.2.9 all went fine, till I created a sub-domain. The box couldn't resolve any DNS. Checking the ISPConfig Service status page the DNS Service was down.

    Checking the log files I found some error messages:

    Problems with etc/bind/named.conf
    line 34 '<'
    line 39 '<'
    line 44 unexpected token near end of file

    After opening etc/bind/named.confI found that on line 34 <! some text > and on line 39 the same. I changed this with //<! some text > I could start bind again and resolve DNS. The box is happy running again.

    Any one here knows if this is a bug in ISPConfig version 2.2.9?

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    There is no such bug known in ISPConfig 2.2.9 and this relaese has been installed already a few thousand times.

    Please chnge one of your DNS records and see if the problem occurs again. If yes, Please chec the ISPConfig logfile /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/ispconfig.log for errors.
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    Thanks for your quick reply. It was late last nite when I fixed it so will try some today and let you know. Box is running Debian 3.1 / ISPConfig 2.2.9.
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