IPSCFG Upgrade - persistent part of postfix main.cf

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by Ben, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    lately I updated my IPSCOnfig to the most recent version, with the effect I was generally aware of, but finally forogt about it, that it backups but recreates some config files.
    In my special case, the main.cf, where I added some RBL filters, changed the TLS certificate files and some others.
    And I also made this file a bit more human readable with some tabs and linebreaks :)

    So the final question is, what is seen from the upgrade archtitecture a possible solution to detect differences between the current and the new file and e.g. prompt for action, like aptitude does.

    I am aware of that things might get complicated it there was a change in the "native" config file ispconfig3 provided between a current and the upated version, when a parameter was additionally extended by an admin.

    So my idea woul be to ask the user for what to do, then save the old file as backup, and explicitly NOT restarting the particular service. After the installation the admin gets presented a list with services not startet and config changes that need a manual review.
    This would ensure that service do not start with a "broken" configuration, and to manually crawl through the diffs.

    Any better suggestions?

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