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    hello friends,
    in my office i had configured vpn in fedora 7 every thing is fine below is the lan setup,

    Configuration is;

    adsl router ->eth1 with gateway ip address of adsl router
    box -> eth0 network on subnet with gateway ip address of eth1

    internal lan ip addresses -> box in the range 192.168.2.X have the gateway
    specified as (ip address of the ethernet card they are
    connected to)

    Flow; request from lan box 192.168.2.X -> eth0 (router box ->
    eth1 ( -> adsl

    Reply; -> -> -> 192.168.2.X

    now if i have to relay internet to lan through linux box, so i have to do ipmasquerading so plz guide me in configuring ipmasquerading so that lan can get the access of internet through linux box.


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