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    Hi All

    The case, I have an IPSEC tunnel between two Debian squeeze hosts, which is working well, but I'm looking for at way to get statistic on the traffic running in the tunnel.

    when i'm running setkey -D and im wondering what the current: xxxxxx (bytes) displays ?

    esp mode=tunnel spi=207568730(0x0c5f3f5a) reqid=0(0x00000000)
            E: 3des-cbc  a211734f 04bfb7f9 112486bb aa43e93c 38bf2da8 d0ccb87d
            A: hmac-sha1  57383a38 cc4b71e8 e2a8b110 b60a1a37 72da3d77
            seq=0x00000000 replay=4 flags=0x00000000 state=mature
            created: Oct 13 12:46:49 2012   current: Oct 13 13:00:05 2012
            diff: 796(s)    hard: 3600(s)   soft: 2880(s)
            last: Oct 13 12:46:59 2012      hard: 0(s)      soft: 0(s)
            current: 151518(bytes)  hard: 0(bytes)  soft: 0(bytes)
            allocated: 428  hard: 0 soft: 0
            sadb_seq=0 pid=4661 refcnt=0

    all ideas and info about howto fetch IPSEC statistic are welcome...

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