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    what are the steps to install ipcop? (i.e. configuring to make it work)starting from 0,thanks in advance
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    In general You have to take these steps to install IP-Cop:
    1) run Your computer from cd-rom
    2) select a language
    3) select the source (cd-rom/usb/Internet)
    4) confirm to automatically format hdd
    5) choose the media from which You want to recover earlier saved backup or skip it
    6) configure the network by first detecting installed lan cards/modems or manually select what You need
    7) enter network parameters for green interface (this is the interface whith lan users connected)
    8) select keymap,timezone,hostname,domainname of the router
    9) You can configure Your ISDN,DSL modem if You have one or disable it
    Now You can configure some settings of the router.
    You can find more information in IP-Cop manuals and for example here:
    It works really nice.
    There are some usefull addons for it that help a lot.
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    this may sound stupid, but I cannot seem to find the link to download the ISO for IPCop!! When I go to ipcop.org, and click the download tab, i see the tgz files... ipcop-1.4.21-update.i386.tgz.gz and ipcop-1.4.21-sources.tgz...

    could somebody point me to the right direction?
    my apologies...
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    thank you for replying to my post... :)

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