IPCOP: slowness during interactions

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by morenz, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. morenz

    morenz New Member

    I just installed IPCop 1.4.18 on an Athlon 2800+ with 512MB RAM with 3 NICs to build and test a firewall to be installed in my workplace.

    The installation went OK, and I started configuring it via web interface, but it seemed to be slow, just loading the main page took about 1 minute and a half...

    I took a look at logs, thinking about such a conflict between NICs, but found nothing interesting.


    Thanks in advance,
  2. petter5

    petter5 New Member

    Ipcop problem.

    Some "best practice" hint:

    1) use network cards from Intel or 3Com - they produce high quality cards with rocket solid drivers - for shure a lot of other vendors make fine nic's also , but Intel and 3Com is bulletproof,,

    2) Update your MB bios to latest version

    3) Try to change the network cards to another PCI slot.

    4) In the Bios setup, disable all unused resources if possible: Disable com, lpt, soundcards etc to free up IRQ's for the network cards

    5) Check your instal cd for defects -> Make a new CD using lovest possible cd burning speed in your CD burning application. -> then reinstal with the new CD.

    Conclusion: The symptom of your problem is always caused by one of the above reasons - without exception

    / Petter
  3. morenz

    morenz New Member

    I came into the problem.
    There's a problem with NICs (I used old ones...), and if I run
    I get
    eth0: autonegotiation failed, link ok
    SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth1' failed: operation not supported
    eth2: no link
    eth2 (mobo's embedded LAN) is disconnected, and it's the only one that works (if I plug in the cable, the response is OK)
    I think I have to buy new NICs...

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