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    Hi for a start here is my setup.

    IPCOP iso install no extra addons "standard install" 3 interfaces RED/GREEN/ORANGE

    The RED is configured with a static IP address on a fixed diginet line with a cisco router as the gateway.

    Also I linked each interface to its own 24prt switch

    Including each interface is configured on its own IP range and it works like it should but only for one problem "My DMZ" I am using the orange interface as my gateway for my DMZ switch and all the devices. They can access the internet from it also the port forwarding works great but the moment I start to port forward TCP/UDP 53 the dns queries dont work. Dig can not find any domains configured on my server. So if I try and registar a new domain I get that my domain server is not found on the net.

    The port forwarding works great for web mail and other my only problem is the dns forwarding. Maybe there is some addon or mod requered I am not sure

    Please help!
    and thank you in advance

    For what its worth I am going to try pfsense

    This will be my last and final update!
    I have tried using ipcop as a firewall/router for my isp servers, Ipcop is a real good product but I got some small but big enought problems to let me make a change.
    1.) I am not sure I believe it could be a bug but I was not able to get IPCOP ver1.4.18 to let Domain dns port 53 talk back to my DMZ.
    2.) Installing two external RED interfaces. It just killed the box

    But if u have a single external interface and no reuirement from the two above mentioned points it is a real good firewall/router even the OpenVPN works great. So for all my single external point connections I am using IPCOP but for multiple external interfaces I use PFSense. These are the best firewall routers I have ever used.

    Regards and good bye
    Marius - South Africa - ISP administrator
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