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    Good day,
    Using the latest (or pretty much) version of ISPConfig on Ubuntu 18.04.
    A customer of mine is getting 504 issues with her WP admin and CDN provider.
    - The provider recommends whitelisting their IPs. The customer want's to be sure it's done.
    It's my understanding that ISPConfig does not block anything, so I'm not sure the white listing is relevant.

    It was OK before the move to the CDN. I could swing back the DNS (from them to the server) to confirm the admin is OK (they are not caching the admin by the way - confirmed). Just want to be sure things are OK on my side.

    iptables -L

    I would like to know your recommendations about this? Do I go ahead and run a iptables script (ipblocks.txt) to white list anyways? This way we'd be sure?

    Thanks ahead as always,
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    ISPconfig does not blacklist any IP's. And if you don't see any of the IP's in the iptables Listing, then it's definitely not blocked by fail2ban.
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    Thank you for the quick response and the reassurance.
    Good health to everyone!
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