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    Dear all,

    I have the following configuration

    I have running a Fedora Core 6 server with ISP Config on the ip address:

    this is the local adres of the machine, and is working great.
    Now i placed this server behind a router.
    the router's wan address is
    I want the dns to resolve outside of the router, so i need the ip adres of the router as the dns record.

    Now when a site is created it will take the ip adres of the internal ip.
    when i log in to the admin of ispconfig
    and go to management
    and then to server -> settings

    there i get the ip adres of the server
    can i change it there to the external one without getting errors?
    and does the dns create records with that address instead of the internal one?

    Kind regards,

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  2. till

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    Do not change the IP in server > settings. You will have to change the IP for the DNS-Records of the domain in the DNS-Manager to your external IP address after you created the website.

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