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    Hi again,
    I have a question about IP-s and virtual hosts.
    Today i have routed a class of 265 on my server-s IP.
    The server has a optical fiber connection and runs Fedora Core 4.
    I vand to run some irc services on it like eggdrop, boucers, even IRCD and radio servers.
    My question is: What i have to do to make the ip's to answer to the revers DNS.
    I mean, when i tries /dns xx.xx.xx.xx (one of the ip's) to get : xx.xx.xx.xx resolved to my-vhost-is-nice.ath.cx for example.
    From what i know i must make some changes in named.conf.
    Can someone tell me exactily what should i do?

    Thank you in advance,
  2. falko

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  3. K_meleonu

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    I have added
    zone "86.106.86.in-addr.arpa" IN {
    type master;
    file "named.unu";
    allow-update { none; };
    in /etc/named.conf and i have created named.unu wich contains:

    @ IN SOA mojoiua.netone.ro. root.localhost. (
    2006012103; serial
    28800; refresh, seconds
    7200; retry, seconds
    604800; expire, seconds
    86400 ); minimum, seconds

    NS ns1.netone.ro.;

    5 IN PTR alex.mojoiua.netone.ro

    mojoiua.netone.ro resolves into my server's ip.

    From what i read on that tutorial, and from what i have in named.conf and named.unu alex.mojoiua.netone.ro should resolve in to but it does not.

    Did i made any mistake?
    My server's IP is and my IP class in vich i vand to make vhosts is .

    Also i saw this error:
    [[email protected] etc]# nslookup

    ** server can't find NXDOMAIN

    I also triyed to do like this: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/69058-dns.html
    but no success
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  4. falko

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    Please use the full path to named.unu in your named.conf. Again, did you ask your ISP to do this for you?

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