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    Hi all

    I'm having problems with IP virtual hosts. I've found many threads here about this, however they are all about IP in combination with HTTPS - and my one isn't.

    OK I have name based virtual hosts as well as IP based virtual hosts on my apache server (ISPConfig powered of course).

    Name based ones just work fine, however I'm having problems with IP based.

    What errors encounter?

    1. When I try to access the server itself by IP rather than hostname I get a 400 - Bad Request

    2. When a Domain is IP based, accessing it by domain works well, however when I try to access it by IP, I get a 400 - Bad request as well.

    Oh, I've found the answer

    Stupid me. A quick look into apache's error log showed, that mod_security was blocking the access.

    To solve:

    nano /etc/apache2/mod-security/modsecurity_crs_99_whitelist.conf
    and paste

    SecRuleRemoveById 960017
    I thought I'll write this to end, since it might be helpful to others.

    If you don't agree, feel free to delete the topic :)

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