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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by The General, Jul 22, 2010.

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  2. till

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    Ths normal as the webmail application runs in the apache default webhost which is only reachble by IP. If you like to have a webmail application that is accessible by domain name, create a new website for this domain and then install a webmail application of your choice into this website.
  3. Toucan

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    I have made a symlink from my websites that I want to appear to have their own application to the squirrel mail website. Now I can type customersite.com/webmail
  4. The General

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    Thanks for that, Can you please give me a idea of the code to type to do this symlink, for instance if my website resides in var/www/dummysite.co.uk/web
  5. Toucan

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    I use this:
    buntu:/var/www/prizepalace.co.uk/web# ln -s /var/www/webmail posr

    That created a symlink called posr which points to my webmail application, squirrel mail. It was meant to read post but by typing it wrong it demonstrates you can call it what you please.
  6. veuster

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    use A record

    Just want to add :

    If you have control of your DNS Record, you can add A record for your domain name like : ns2.***.*** and assign it your IP

    So, automatically you can access it through ns2.***.***/webmail
  7. Toucan

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    The other approach you may be able to take if you'd prefer to do it all from the control panel is make the subdomain webmail.yourdomain.com and give it a redirect to http://your.ip.number/webmail

    Don't forget a dns record for the subdomain in this example

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