invalid HTML when create new DNS SPF & DMARC record

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    Hi all,

    When I create a new DNS SPF or DMARC record, there is "/>" next to the "Active" checkbox, after checking the HTML, it is:

    <input type="checkbox" value="1" id="active" name="active" <input="">

    I found that the problem is:
    $sql "SELECT data, active FROM dns_rr WHERE data LIKE 'v=spf1%' AND zone = ? AND " $app->tform->getAuthSQL('r');
    $sql "SELECT data, active FROM dns_rr WHERE data LIKE 'v=DMARC1%' AND zone = ? AND name = ? AND " $app->tform->getAuthSQL('r');
    And then this condition always return false
    if ( isset($rec) && !empty($rec) )
    so that it cannot assign CHECKED or UNCHECKED.
    if ($rec['active'] == 'Y'$app->tpl->setVar("active""CHECKED"); else $app->tpl->setVar("active""UNCHECKED");

    If it assigns CHECKED or UNCHECKED at the beginning of function onShowEnd(), then problem solved, but I am not sure if it is good idea to do this.

    ISPConfig version: 3.1.14

    Please advice & fix.
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