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    I have a question regarding IP addresses. I have a server with ISPConfig3, web,... behind a router.
    Now, when I add domains to DNS and clients create websites (not SSL) and add subdomains, how does that affect IP-addresses that the server can obtain from router.
    Does server take different local IP for every website, subdomain,... that is created on server? If I have, for example, 60 clients with 5 domains and 5 subdomains each, and they create website for each domain and subdomain, do I have to buy new router, that could serve more than 254 internal IPs?

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    For Websites you use internal IP addresses, for DNS records you use external IP addresses. The routing from external Ip to internal IP is handled by your router, so you have to configure which external Ip resolves to a given internal IP in the router.

    You can host as many http sites as you want one one internal and one external IP. Just for classic SSL sites you need a dedicated IP address for each site.
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    So, if I have 5 clients, each with one domain and one non-SSH website, for all of them together I need only 1 external IP and 1 internal, but if they are all classic SSH websites, I need 5 external IPs and 5 internal IPs? Correct?

    Thank You
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    Thank You very much Till for your time and effort.

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