Internal and External NIC Configuration

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    I need to configure my server to offer an internal LAN and subnet via DHCP.

    The server has only been used for WAN services up to this point so eth0 is bound to a handful of WAN IPs from my ISP at a colocation data center.

    Now I need to set up incomming VPN clients, so I need to set up an range of LAN IPs.

    I have 4 NIC cards on this machine and 1 ethernet cable connected to eth0.

    Since I am not an networking expert I really don't know what to do. I did set up pptpd services.

    Hoping for some expert advice because I am really confused about the config.

    Thank you in advance!!
  2. dpicella

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    Internet Server Setup

    I decided to just get a rounter and send it to the Colocation facility. That worked out to be the safer more secure thing to do. Now I have an internal network and a range of firewalled LAN IPs and I can use all the NIC cards.

    Answered my own question but maybe this might help someone else. :)

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