Installing Ubnt Unifi Controller on a ISPConfig web

Discussion in 'General' started by xxfog, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. xxfog

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    Hey guys,

    I am trying to install a unifi controller ( on A Debian Server were ISPConfig is installed. The unifi controller is to manage Ubiquiti Wifi Networks and right now I have it running on my NAS at home, but there are more customers which I need to control over the controller and my home internetconnection is not good enaugh to handle that. So best would be to add it to my main server. And I need a LE Cert to create WIFI Hotspot funcionality for my customers.

    What I tried:
    I added a new website (unifi.maindomain.tld) and added a SSH User for it.
    But I am not able to do any of the commands listet there on the install howto on
    Even "wget" does solve in an error. So I did wget as root, moved the file into the tmp folder of the user/ssh-account and chmodded it - but it does not accept the password if I try to install the apt package.

    Afaik the unifi controller brings it own mini nginx server on Port 8443 and uses several other Ports (like 8080) to get in Contract with it`s accesspoints. A List of all Ports is here:
    It uses java SE too.
    Is there sombody who can help me installing it without loosing ISPConfig?

    all the best
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  2. Taleman

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    Is jailkit used for that SSH user? Then you need to copy the needed commands for that jailed user, for example that wget.
    Do you have a firewall? If no firewall, then maybe all ports are already open? Your main server probably has a public routable address, so everything should be available once you get that software installed.
  3. xxfog

    xxfog Member

    I did choose “none” instead of jailkit and the firewall is active - right now the main thing is to get the installation done without demolition of ispconfig.
    But it does not accept the ash Passwort of the user. Do you suggest to set the user to “jailkit” ?
  4. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    If ssh user is not jailkit, it is strange command wget is not found. Is the wget command available when logged in as root? Is it just PATH that is wrong for that ssh user? Or is command wget found, but it shows error which you have omitted to reveal?
    Is wget installed with the usual Debian way and the following command shows it?
    apt-cache policy wget
  5. xxfog

    xxfog Member

    Hi Taleman,
    I stopped on this plan because It took to much time - I needed the new controller asap for a big project. I ordered a very small cloud hosting with Debian on it for lil over 2 bugs/month and installed it there right now.

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