Installing Nextclooud and Onlyoffice under ISPConfig3

Discussion in 'General' started by unsichtbare, Jul 1, 2020.

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    I am very interested in running my own document collaborative services and have endeavored to get Nextcloud and Onlyoffice running under ISPConfig.
    • Nextcloud version _19 (Latest)
    • Operating system and version Ubuntu 18.04LTS
    • ISPConfig: latest/updated yesterday
    • PHP version: 7.4.7
    • Runs behind a firewall with NAT
    • Has Let's Encrypt SSL and DNS verified from inside and outside (I can ping inside the LAN and resolve the LAN IP and use a browser on the LAN in which the certificat is valid - from the outside, I can ping WAN IP and and certificate is also valid)
    Nextcloud functions perfectly but I get nondescript error "Bad Healthchcheck Status" and not much in logs when I try to integrate Onlyoffice - I have also posted here:
    The error occurs when I try to apply the Document server URL using advanced settings as well to specify internal URL (which is the same!)

    Any ideas how NAT and or ISPConfig could impact the integration of Nextcloud and OnlyOffice?
    THX in ADV!
  2. unsichtbare

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    SOLVED: Needed OO Server installed as Docker to not conflict with Apache.
    Install OnlyOffice Server with Docker for ISPConfig:
    Answer Y to the install Docker prompt

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