Installing MySQL, Apache, and PHP in a chroot environment

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by fishfreak, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. fishfreak

    fishfreak New Member

    I'd like to suggest two tutorials:

    1) Setting up MySQL in a chrooted environment on Linux (I came across one tutorial for FreeBSD. Unfortunately, it didn't work too well on my SuSE).

    2) Setting up Apache and PHP (to use that MySQL installation) in a chrooted environment on Linux (I came across a tutorial for FreeBSD for this same thing, but it doesn't seem to have everything the same as Linux.)

    Thank you very much for all the work you have done in this site. I have added this site to my bookmarks as an excellent resource.

  2. Plymouth

    Plymouth New Member

    I concur wholeheartedly with the suggestion for a tutorial on MySQL usage. I've been tearing my hair out over the frigging thing!
  3. fishfreak

    fishfreak New Member

    I would also suggest a few more tutorials (besides BIND) on chroot usage. Particularly one about setting up a mail server, fully chroot'ed, would be great!

    Thank you.


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