Installing MySQL 4.1.20 on FC6

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by ACDII, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. ACDII

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    I have a server that will only use Fedora 6 installation due to the RAID card drivers. I have a database that will only work with 3.1 MySQL, and may work with 4.1.20, I also have other DB's that are running on 4.1.20 so I want to have the same version on this new server, but am not sure how to install 4.1.20 instead of 5.0.
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  3. ACDII

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    ARGH, thats what I was afraid of. The problem I run into there is I never know which one to install.

    BTW, whats with the darn flash banner on the left, it covers up half the posts!
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    Well you said you need version 4.1.20, which is on the MySQL site page I referenced, so ......;)
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