Installing Maia Mailguard On Debian Lenny ( dependency)

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    Am following this howto "Installing Maia Mailguard On Debian Lenny" on a Ubuntu Server 10.04.3. While running the "perl" I encounter the following dependency requirement. Can anyone please tell me what perl module should I install to satisfy this requirement. Thanks in advance for the help.

    [email protected]:/opt/mail/maia-1.0.2c/scripts# perl


    This script checks for the presence of applications and Perl modules
    required by amavisd-maia, SpamAssassin, and Maia Mailguard's maintenance
    scripts. Version numbers are also checked, and if a newer version of
    a component is recommended, you should consider upgrading to at least
    the minimum recommended version.

    If you have already configured your Maia Mailguard database, the script
    will also test the connection to that database.

    Remember also to run the configtest.php script on your web server to
    perform similar tests of your web, PHP, and PEAR environment.

    Application/Module Version Status
    Perl : 5.10.1 : OK
    file(1) : N/A : NOT INSTALLED (required by Maia Mailguard)
    Archive::Tar : 1.76 : OK
    Archive::Zip : 1.30 : OK
    BerkeleyDB : 0.39 : OK
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    Solved it, actually file(1) is not a perl module requirement but the command file in your nix machine(my bad I understood it wrongly).

    # file -v
    magic file from /etc/magic:/usr/share/misc/magic

    Edit the '' file and comment the text in line number 99

    # {component => "file(1)", type => "file -v 2>/dev/null", regexp => "\-([0-9\.]+)", minver => "4.12",
    #Replace it with the following line.
    {component => "file(1)", type => "file -v 2>&1", regexp => "\-([0-9\.]+)", minver => "4.12",

    Now run the script and it will run fine.:)

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