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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rtrynor, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I can not seem to find how to install the
    By this what I mean is I follow all the instructions on installing Debian and use in place of Once everything is installed it tells me how to install a new site like but how do i finish installing to I create a new site called even though the server is Do I create email server, do I create a dns zone for
    I can not find anywhere where it tells me how to finis installing so I can use it as a web site and have email and all the features.
    I do know if I install a site called I am pointed to a different directory when I go to it via then I do if I go to http://123.1233.123.123

    Can anyone help me with this? As you can tell I am a real newbe to this type of server.
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    This is very brief but should get you started. is the name (hostname) of your server/machine and it has a private IP on your network. is your domain name which would have a public IP - either given to you by an ISP or through an internet agency and so on would be your website (you can also just call your website and have www requests redirected to that.

    First thing to do is add a user in ISPConfig and then add a domain called - this will generate a website and you should then be able to see the default web page.
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    I did try that but I noticed that when I go to I see what I uploaded but when i go to it see the apache "It Works" so i thought I was doing something wrong because when i do a windows server i always get the same thing going to the site either way. This made me think I was setting something up wrong. I have started over several times. I just wish the manual would have shown the they used as a server to be in the docs somewhere showing you as adding it as a website instead of showing you how to put in a new domain.
    So I guess I will just ad the ftp and mail accounts and a site called and I should be all set and forget about the fact that going to site via the IP gives a different page.

  4. CSsab

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    You might need to make an entry in the hosts file of your windows in order to access your local server. For example: (your local IP)

    or (your local IP)

    I found this little app very useful when working between windows and linux:

    You can log in to your server (local IP) and have a look in /var/www on your new server to watch how websites are being created. Don't forget to click on refresh when you change something.

    I tend to select (show hidden files) and also download a copy of bash history so I can keep track of any mistakes I might have made.

    Perhaps since you have experience with other servers and are new to ISPConfig 3 you could write a first steps how to for beginners. I agree that I was looking for a similar how-to back in the day but then found that ISPConfig was so easy to use that I moved on to other things like learning how the DNS module works and so on.
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    Yes Ispconfig is easy to use I just do not know how to setup what they call ? If you follow their instructions you create the server but you never setup any DNS, FTP, Email, or WEBSITE for it. The next thing the instructions have you doing is creating a new site called :) Just a little confusing. I want to get away from Windows so I am learning debian. Windows seems so easy but maybe it is from years of using it.

    I am still a little confused if I should now create a site, ftp, dns, and mail for or not.
  6. CSsab

    CSsab New Member is your machine name or Debian install.
    -- private IP on your local network.
    -- internal network
    -- no DNS or website is your domain name
    you set up a website by adding the domain in the sites module and either having an auto subdomain www or not.

    The website would then be (with public IP) or if you choose the auto subdomain www.
  7. rtrynor

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    I think I have it.

    The server I am seting up was and the IP was Like I was saying when I went to the site via the IP I got one page say page1 and when I wnet via the name or I got a different page say page2. By making the following changes i now get the same page (page2)

    In the /ect/apache2/sites-available/ I edited the file default. Yes that is the file name DEFAULT (for you newbees like me who may have thought I was talking about some default page). Next what I di was change everything that said "/var/www/" to "/var/www/" without the quotes. This seems to have fixed my problem.

    Now I have another question, I can recieve email ok but I can not seem to send it via Outlook. I have not tried any other email software. Anyone seen this. I can recieve ok but not send.
  8. pititis

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    Check your reverse dns entry or ask your isp (if you dont have a panel to set it).

  9. rtrynor

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    Everything working fine, just was something somewhere on the internet because even my windows servers where not sending email. Was so wierd they all went down for a while but I could recieve email and also view the web sites. Might have been on my ISps side.
    Now that everything is working time to learn how to backup everything :)
    Thanks everyone for the help/
  10. rtrynor

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    Sorry about the above typo. For all you like me who have a gard time here is what to edit.

    cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/
    vi default

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