Installing ISPConfig on a perfect Ubuntu Server - "after the fact"

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by chillifire, Dec 19, 2007.

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    as the title says, I have set up my Ubuntu 7.10 server according to the Perfect server Howto on this site. I had then decided I would not need ISPConfig, and set up apache to point directly to /var/www, including cgi-bin, ssl keys, mysql based proftpd etc. I have also installed a radius server and a hotspot login website. All works fine.

    I have since come to like the preinstallation of features such as the firewall, DNS server manageemnt etc. og ISPconfig on another server of mine. I am now considering to install ISPconfig on my radius/hotspot server - after the effect.

    I cannot see too many issues, but wanted to hear the opinion of the experts:
    - The website has to be moved to a Vhost - easy
    - radius is still reached via the same URL and port - has no web interface and is consequently not impacted - nothing to do
    - proftpd - may need some manual tweaking back to non-mysql mode, but ISPConfig may just overwrite existing conf files and thus automatically fix it - not sure - Your thoughts?
    - SSL certificate - again needs some manual tweaking as the request key was not produced by ISPconfig, but some cut and pasted and exchanging/renaming of files should fix this (there have been posts to this effect in this forum, I believe) - Your thoughts?
    - Firewall setup - will be replaced by Bastille firewall, I presume - probably a good thing ;-)
    - Mysql - existing content/databases won't be touched, right?
    -DNS zones - will have to recreated manually in ISPConfig - not a problem

    Is there anything dramatic I have missed that may create problems for me (other than not taking a backup –before I give it a go ;)

    The only thing I cannot quite figure out myself is how to handle programmes that are installed by the Ubuntu package handler into folders like /usr/share. The redirection directive in the co-domain allows redirection to absolute Urls (http://...) or relative ones (/web/...). But I believe you cannot break out of your Vhost's directory, I believe (and neither should you be able to). Programms like tikiwiki propose to create aliases in the apache.conf files. I trust they would have to go into the Vhosts* conf files to make them available per vhost (or not). But how would I do that other than manually manipulate the automatically generated Vhosts file (which may very well become overwritten in the next generation process (i.e. when another virtual file is created).

    Your thoughts and input welcome.


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    proftpd.conf isn't touched by ISPConfig after the ISPConfig instalation, so you'd have to modify it yourself.

    You can enable SSL for that web site in ISPConfig and then copy & paste the crt and the key on the SSL tab in ISPConfig.

    That's right.

    You can use the Apache Directives field in ISPConfig to put in your custom Apache directives.

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