Installing Debian Etch From a Windows System - Error

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bluegrass, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. bluegrass

    bluegrass New Member

    I have tried following the procedure on this howto by falko, but after the installation, and a restart of the pc is made I get the message "Error loading operating system".

    I have three hard drives on my PC:
    - 1 IDE Drive (hdb) (attached as my secondary ide harddisk)
    - 3 SATA Drives (sda, sdb and sdc)
    - sda: 80GB with 2 primary partitions (30GB as my default C:/ drive and used as my Windows XP OS) (the other partition is for my data)
    - sdb: 160GB used for my data (NTFS)
    - sdc: 80GB, recently installed, because I would like to try installing the Debian Desktop on this hard drive.

    On the first attempt, I installed the Debian Etch on the 3rd SATA Drive (sdc) and after the successful installation and upon restart of the PC, the OS Loader loaded is still the one used by the Windows XP installer with the 2nd OS which says "Debian Installer". I tried changing the Boot Priority Sequence on my Bios which would eventually have a primary boot on the 3rd SATA Drive, but the "Error loading operating system" would appear upon reboot/restart.

    I then changed back to the previous Boot Priority Sequence. I then transferred all of my data from the 2nd partition of my 1st SATA Drive (sda) to my 3rd SATA Drive, and re-installed Debian Etch based from what the howto was written. Using the 2nd partition of my sda to be my Debian Etch system. The installation process did not have any errors, but when I reboot/restart the pc, the same "Error loading operating system" appeared, unfortunately I could not go back to start the pc to my windows xp system also.

    Hope you can help me with this, before I make a repair of my winXP system.
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I'm not sure why this happened. Maybe your SATA drives are not fully supported by Debian Etch...
  3. bluegrass

    bluegrass New Member

    Actually, I was also wondering why, but I have tried installing Debain Etch on a similar hardware (same motherboard, 2 SATA Drives) from scratch (no other OS installed), and I have not encountered a problem.

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