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    I've sucesfully followed and installed two XEN DomUs with this howto as instructed by Till (thanks), because my mailing lists weren't working with a self-crafted setup; altough followed this word by word mailing list still doesn't work, if someone has managed to make mailing lists with Mailman work please advise.

    Anyway, My question points to the fact that as I told on a previous post I have two load balancers with HAproxy and I'd like to know if I can load balance traffic between these machines, I mean SMTP, IMAP, HTTP etc between my two machines and make it transparent to the user?.

    I faced many issues trying to do thiw with the multi server setup specially with email being rejected.

    If anyone has a setup like mine please give me a hand here.

    I want to put these machines in production if I don't face any issues.

    Thanks for you help you're a very nice comunity.

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