Installing a cluster with 3 servers

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    I'm new to ISPConfig (I used Kloxo before) and I'm doing some of the tutorials now.
    ISPConfig 3 on Debian 6 x86

    I've done this one:

    No problem, everything works. Very good tutorial.

    But what I want to do is this with 3 servers (not with 2 like in the tutorial).
    I've tried it but it doesn't work.

    What has to be changed to let it work?
    MySQL Master - Master - Master?
    Or MySQL Master - Master - Slave?
    Replication with Unison to all 3 servers?

    Replication works between server 1 & server 2. I said in ISPConfig that server 3 is a mirror from server 1 but nothing gets mirrored. No sites, no clients, no DNS templates etc.
    I also don't see server 1 & server 2 when I login into my server 3 ISPConfig.
    I see server 3 when logging in into ispconfig on server 1/2.

    Anybody that can tell the steps how to make it work?
    I'm just a newby but the tutorials are very clear. I want to have it explained like in the tutorials with the correct commands. Not like do this and change that etc.

    btw: English is not my native language, sorry for the mistakes.

    Thanks in advance!

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