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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Herb, Jan 14, 2009.

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    We have an old Pentium 3 at work that doesn't run windows xp or our office software very well. As a project we decided to install Fedora 9 (and hopefully open office and other related programs to replace ms-office that we usually run at work). I downloaded Fedora 9 (6 CDs) and installed it. The installation process was completely text based (not like what is show at

    I did one Linux course in college and I haven't used it since (4 years ago). I would like the KDE or GENOME (I think I have the terms correct) desktop environment as shown on the ablve mentioned pages. Did I download the wrong version of Fedora or what can I do to get the desktop environment to load?

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  3. Herb

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    I still dont get prompted for any GUI (like "windows"), I dont get prompted for any choices as far as the interface I want ("windows", "dos prompt" etc.) . The install of Fedora 10 gives me a text (DOS) prompt once installed.

    WHere do I get KDE or GNOME?

    (pardon my ignorance of LINUX terms).
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  5. Herb

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    I instatted, Fedora 9, Fedora 10 (both from 6 Cds), and the live Cd version that you suggested.

    All I get is Fedora 10 version information and prompting for the login id (root) and password. entering the user id and password gives me the [[email protected] ~]# prompt.

    What version of Linux with GNOME or KDE will run on a P3 866MHz with (I am pretty sure) 256Mb RAM. Its a Dell dimension L866r.

    Its an older computer that, I think, should run LINUX with a "windows environment" and Open Office.
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