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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by skeigor, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. skeigor

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    I was following Falko's excellent guide on how to install Suse (The perfect setup)Suse 10.1.

    However when I try to add an online installation source as indicated, it simply refuses to work. It says: adding directory for a while and then it says an error occured; retry?

    Any advice? When I do this on my desktop system I using graphically Yast I have never had any problems.

    Being a noob and all I thought it was difficult to figure out exactly the path to use for the different mirror sites. Is there any good tellsigns exactly what is supossed to be in the directory you should point too, to get Yast to accept the path?

    I have experimented putting in packman sites etc. and they seem to work. They label themselves YUM and complain about checksums or something (which I have no clue what it means) and dont seem to have the packages I want to install following the guide, but they do work :)


  2. skeigor

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    Heh, found out 4 similar threads on this forum about this one... Nice forum feature^^

    Anyway took me some time to find it. In the meanwhile I experimented with rug which didnt work very well.

    As Falko's guide is now, its broken. You cannot do an online update before you add a source list. If you do this in reverse it works just fine. Apperantly something in the update "is broken as intended" concerning Yast.


  3. falko

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    I just did the tutorial two days ago, it's working for me the way described there. The only thing that's broken is yast (well it's not broken, but sooooo slow). I know why I don't like SuSE...:(
  4. skeigor

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    Well I can only speak out of personal experience. I have a brand new downloaded iso of SuSE 10.1. I tried to install it on a an old DELL server with scsi disks and a brand new IBM with SATA disks. Both behaved exactly the same way.
    When you do the online update Yast is re-started 2 to 4 times due to the update. This is not included in your guide. My personal guess is that there is some sort of time-out occuring when you add the source in Yast that produces the error.

    If you choose to skip the online update during installation it seems to behave like you described (i.e wait a few minutes and then it's added). If you update online before proceeding, it will never add the source only take a long time at the dialog: Adding Catalog. Then say something like: There was an error adding the catalog.

    Packman and other YUM sources seem to work. My guess is it's because they are smaller in extent. Whatever Yast do (my guess is a concistensy/MD5 check) after the update, it takes very long time. To long to allow the system to actually manage the timeout. Like the programmers forgot to pro-long the time out.

    Maybe it works for you because you have a very fast route to your online distribution?

  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Anyway, forget about SuSE 10.1. This release seems to be quite buggy...

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