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    Hi all..

    I am currently playing around with setting up ISPconfig3 on my VPS. I have followed a guide for this, and has everything working out fine, exept mod_rewrite. However, because I am realtively new to ISPconfig, I wanted to just test it out, before making a more "complete" install on the VPS (clean system).

    In the guide I followed, there where alot of extra packages included in the commands I just followed without any modifications (as I said,, just for testing out ISPconfig3).

    Here is the guide: ISPconfig3 on ubuntu 10.04
    Translated to English: ISPconfig3 on ubuntu 10.04

    I will be mostly running the VPS's domains/clients as suEXEC/suPHP, with own mailserver + mysql/phpmyadmin + mod_rewrite available to all clients that need it as default(htaccess).

    So my questions are:
    1. what modules/packages can I leave out/add (according to the guide above) - during the apache/php/ispconfig3 setup to have it function as I mentioned above?
    2. how can I set the mod_rewrite=on, to all vhosts, including the main /var/www/index.html host/vhost. ex: when adding new client/site: mod_rewrite=on by default.
    3. Where can I change the "interact-with-user-templates" (example: the email sent to new email accounts ++)
    4. is there a admin/module "Create-New-User", where default values (that mostly will be the same on every creation, except name/uname/pass/domain - to simplify the creation of new clients/sites/ftp/email in one go? any scripts out there u know about? please let me know.

    I will start over with a complete clean / updated ubuntu 10.04 system later today/evening, with nothing installed except the distro. Any pointers on what I need or not need during the installation, are welcomed :)

    Thanks everybody that can give me some tips!!


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    You should have used this guide instead:

    It should be on by default, but to go sure you can run
    a2enmod rewrite
    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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