Install/use a virtual machine on Ubuntu 8.10

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    Sorry if this has been done, I've searched for it and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. If it has, all I need is to be pointed in the right direction, if not, I guess you could consider this a request.

    First of all, I'm really new at this. I have some experience with Ubuntu desktop and some with SSH. I'm moderately experienced with WAMP setups, and have almost no experience with virtual machines, just to give you an idea of how much technical experience I have.

    I've been trying to find a guide on how to setup and use virtual machines in conjunction with a dedicated server. I've found 2 other articles
    how-to-install-vmware-server-2-on-ubuntu-8.10 and
    both of which guide me in the right direction, but it still leaves 2 question unanswered.

    1) The how to install vmware one seems to work with the desktop version of 8.10. I'm doing all this over ssh, is there any guides out there that deal with installing a virtual machine over ssh?

    2) Once installed (here comes the how to use part), how do you use the virtual machine over ssh? How may vmachines can be run at once? How do you start/log into these? etc. I have a bunch of questions, most of them I can probably figure out on my own if I can get the first question answered.

    If this helps you narrow down what I'm looking for. I have a D800 laptop I've setup as a server. Nothing fancy about it. I want to leave it setup and use it for testing and hosting various things that my web hosting company doesn't allow. I'm also allowing 2 other people to use it for the same purpose. I would like each of us to have our own virtual machine so that we can work on our own projects without messing around with the other persons work, and if one of us needs to wipe what he's done, he can do that with his own workspace without interfering with ours. This also prevents us from cluttering up each others work area and lets us host different software versions (ex if I want to test something with an older version of apache).

    Thanks ahead of time for any help you can provide.


    edit: one thing of note, I tried installing the virtual machine that came with 8.10 server, only to find out that my processor lacked the Intel-VT (I believe, I don't have the error message to look up anymore) to use the virtual machine that comes with 8.10. Don't know if this will matter when answering my question.
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    Hello, DarkArchon!

    If I understand well, your current hardware is a Dell D800 lappie, and Ubuntu Server v8.10 is the OS on it, and it's running VMware Server v2.x( that has a web-interface only, no stand-alone client ).

    The web-interface can be reached via the port you have set up during the install( default is http://your_hostname:8222 and https://your_hostname:8333 ).

    You have to install an extension in Firefox(Windows or Linux alike) or Internet Explorer(Windows only :) ), to get to the _console_ of the running virtual machine, so it's like a cheap KVM over IP :)

    Then you have complete control over the virtual machine.

    If you want to reach that virtual machine via ssh, you have to make sure, that the virtual machine has a "Bridged" network adapter installed, and the guest OS has ssh server running on it.
    (This is the virtualization of a physical machine's setup, so you just add a network card, and install an ssh-server on it -> voila, can be reached via ssh )

    Hope this helps, but -if any questions arise- reply with your questions.

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