Install Ubuntu Server 12.04 from USB-stick - "..problem reading data from the CD-ROM"

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    If you, for some reason, want to install Ubuntu from a USB-stick, a problem occurs. If you are installing the Desktop Edition, no problems, but if you are installing the Server Edition the installation fails.

    "...There was a problem reading data from the CD-ROM. Please make sure it is in the drive. If retrying does not work, you should check the integrity of your CD-ROM. Failed to copy file from CD-ROM. Retry?.."

    Here's what I did - the solution:

    With thanks to Mr. David W. Pierce & Mr. Christopher Hinkle

    I've been fighting this all night long.. Now it's early morning and I found the solution.
    There's many different suggestions to the problem out there, and I can see why some are trying to fix it by mounting this and mounting that. It really looks like a mounting error. But please note, that the error in most cases appears after reading from the USB-stick. The real issue is the file names. If you want to install the e.g. Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop there's no problem. If you want to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 you got a problem.

    It doesn't help to choose another method, Unetbootin, Lili USB Creator, Pendrivelinux etc., same error!

    You can use this solution in both Windows and Linux, doesn't matter from where you make the bootable USB-stick.
    Follow this Todo:

    If the link for some reason goes dead, please don't hesitate to leave a note, I've downloaded the scripts and wrote a short ToDo...

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