Install-Script for Ubuntu 18.04 questions (Opcache+)

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    #1. I created a new Ubuntu 18.04 server and installed ISPConfig using the Install-Script at: I did NOT install the Xcache as I Googled and found Opcache is built into PHP 7.x and is superior to Xcache. But, I am not sure if Opcache is enabled by the Install-Script. How can I know if Opcache is enabled? Which PHP .ini file do I check?

    #2. What's the best setup for PHP 7.x for ISPconfig & Wordpress?

    #3. The Install-Script asked me for a password for phpMyAdmin but did not ask for a UserName. What UserName do I use when logging into phpMyAdmin?

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    1) The script is not from ISPConfig, so I can't tell you which modules it installs as it does not follow the perfect server guides completely. To check which modules are enabled in PHP, create a php file with the phpinfo() function inside, put it in your website, open it in a browser and read the details listed by phpinfo() function.
    2) Use php-fpm mode and enable suexec checkbox in the website.
    3) thats not a password for you to login, thats an internal password. normally you hit just enter there. For phpmyadmin login, use the mysql root password and root user or the user and password of a database that you created in ISPConfig.

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