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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by XYZ, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. XYZ

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    I would like to install 9.04 on two older computers both of which have seen Win XP and Suse.

    I have created a iso image and placed this on a CD.

    computer # 1:
    Install start and I see the screen showing English to start with.
    The I see the Ubunto picture witha moving cursor and thenthe following appears;
    traget filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init
    try init=bootlarg which I tried but nothing special
    I tired to type help for a list of commands but I saw the following:
    type hel and when I type p the p is moved to in front of of the h like phel


    Same computer if the DVD player on the same computer then I have seen the computer starts the install - shows English and the Ubunto window but this will freeze and the lights on the key board for ABC and the up and down arrows will flash.


    Computer #2

    Install disk is read the CD is booted but I do do not the next screen but a monitor screen that is ligher witha flashing cursor.


    both computers were tested for the lst two weeks with different dos boot disks to test the workings of the mouse and keyboards and to see if the graphics cards basically work. I have tested all harddisks with Spinrite to make sure that no no problems exist with the hard disks.

    Thanks for comments and help that will help me to install 9.04

    Thanks, XYZ
  2. simple69

    simple69 New Member

    When you burnt the Ubuntu 9.04 Server image did you burn it at 4x? I know I have had alot of problems in the past with installing ubuntu burning at faster speeds. Hope that helps if not I am not sure what the issue would be.
  3. falko

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    It seems as if Ubuntu 9.04 doesn't support your hardware...

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