Install PHP and mysql in my ubuntu 12.04 and make it live.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by hrdk, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. hrdk

    hrdk New Member

    Hello everyone,
    i want to install php as well as mysql in my ubuntu 12.04 and make it live so one can show my web page or site from what ever in sort i want to create my own php test server, i found somewhere this is possible with samba but don't know how to do it..!! actually i didn't use ubuntu as long, so don't have a knowledge about it!! can any one plz tell me how to do it!!

    Thanks In advance!!
  2. mattmatt

    mattmatt New Member

    When you say Samba, do you not mean Apache?
    If you want to build a php based website, you'll need apache as well as php and mysql.
    So try

    When that's done, save your php or html files in /var/www and they'll show up in your web browser if you navigate to your server's domain/ip

    Otherwise, if I've completely missed the mark and you want something else, please explain a little more.

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