Install OwnCloud on ISPconfig (Apache)

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    Install OwnCloud on ISPconfig 3 (Apache)

    First of all, thank you everyone for donating time to help us, newbies and others, to solve our challanges!

    I just wonder if there is a (probably short) Howto for setting up OwnCloud on ISPconfig with Apache,
    I found a post from tahunasky in
    But if i understand correctly this code will make one owncloud for all sites on my ISPconfig. I like to offer my customers a private owncloud so they can be sure noone is using the same installed owncloud but themselves. I understand this mean I probably have to install owncloud for each and every customer/site, but that is ok.
    I hope the question is clear.

    I have followed the excellent "The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Apache2, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3)" and added the roundcube plugin.(nicer look and features)
    Everything is working smooth. This testinstallation will very soon be transferred (reinstalled) on Productionservers, then following ISPconfig manual and setting up mirrored server with a separate SmartArray of disks where I plan to move out /var/mail, /var/www and something more I just forgot.

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    Friends, really?
    Am I the only one that like to offer my customers a "Genuine personal Cloud"
    This is not even worth a comment?

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    Why the installation of Own Cloud should be a problem? May you'll have to install on every single account, if your customer want that service, or let them do on your own.

    But I think you should keep in mind that those will result in very heavy traffic with a lot Bandwidth and Disk Space using, not to speak about the Security!! And one more: Server Up Time etc! Till now I never checked the law for provided Cloud Services and what Guaranty the provider need to provide. But the customers expecting some guaranty for security, to have their data available at all times, syncing, and much more!

    I would very hard thinking about all of that before start to plan to provide such services.

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