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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dbriggs, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. dbriggs

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    I attempted to install ISPconfig 3 on a second server. Every thing appeared to run fine at first. Then I noticed my system memory was being eaten up. After a while I start seeing errors on the system console for out of memory. ISP config runs great if its standalone. If its runs as a secondary it dies due to memory faults. It looks like a memory leak.
  2. till

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    There are no known problems with multiserver setups and the slave server setup is identical to the master one, so if there would be a memory leak, then you would see it on your master as well. The reason for your problem is most likely a configuration issue on the second server that causes the ispconfig server process to die. Take a look at the debugging instructions in the faq:
  3. dbriggs

    dbriggs New Member

    Thanks for the input, Particular the link to stopping cron job and running it manually. The problem was that the mysql user names and permmisions where not set currently, once I fixed this it ran just perfect.
  4. till

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    This happens when the /etc/hosts file on master and slave are not exactly as described in the tutorial. Common mistakes are that not all servers of the clusters are configured there or that the file contains lines that contain maore names then the fqdn of the nodes. Examples:

    Wrong: server1 server1.domain.tld

    Correct: server1.domain.tld

    With the wrong entry, mysql will not be able to authenticate the slave.

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