Install new ISPConfig and restore ancient database on it - possible?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fcl, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. fcl

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    We've been running ISPConfig successfully (but doing very little with it!) for 3 years.

    We're now being kicked off our current server farm (they're shutting down the business - so everyone has been given notice) and thus need to move to another server.

    Current live server is ISPConfig 2.0.9 (I know, I know! but installing it was SUCH a pain, and once it was working it seemed better to just leave it alone!)

    Obviously, the new server build will be with the latest and greatest ISPConfig (probably the latest from the 2.2.x stable 2.2.29 at the mo) with all the latest versions.

    SOOOOO - once I have ISPConfig working satisfactorily on the new server, can I just restore the DB and /home/www onto it??? Will restoring my (old) version of the D/B onto a brand new server work? If not, any thoughts about migration paths?

    As an aside, I will be installing onto Slackware - this wasn't supported under 2.0.9 (and was a fight - but it worked) but Slackware support was added later, then disapeared again - is there any interest in a list of the modifications I need to make to get it to work, so Slack can be added back as a supported version?)

  2. till

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    See here:

    After you moved the database, you will have to run an update with ispconfig 2.2.29 again to get the database structures updated as the database from 2.0.9 is not fully compatible with the latest releases.

    I really recommend that you use one of the better supported Distrubutions like debian, ubuntu, fedora, opensuse or mandriva. Slackware support has been added by a third party developer but it is not tested with new versions anymore and can be broken already as there is no maintainer for slackware anymore.
  3. fcl

    fcl New Member

    OK, thanks for that, read the thread, and just want to confirm - what you are saying is to install a clean 2.2.29 ISPConfig, restore the web user files and D/B from our 2.0.9 ISPConfig (plus the extra bits like passwd/shadow and config files) and then re-run the 2.2.29 installation to force a D/B upgrade? Is that right?

    You want to spoil all our fun ;) Seriously though, the stability of Slackware, plus the highly conservative nature of PV's design philosophy has us sold on Slack, but we know it makes install more difficult, and if there is some Slack support, however outdated, then the job is going to be much easier than what I had to do to get 2.0.9 to work! At least it made me learn about the internals of ISPConfig, which is no bad thing in itself!

  4. till

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    Yes, thats correct.

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