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  1. zyzzza

    zyzzza New Member

    Just ran into weird bug. Ubuntu 18 minimal , was updated staright after install to Ubuntu 20 (hosted had no Ubuntu 20 image)
    Upon running the autoinstaller i got this :
    [INFO] Configuring apt repositories.
    [INFO] Updating packages
    [INFO] Updated packages
    [INFO] Installing packages ssh, openssh-server, nano, vim-nox, lsb-release, apt-transport-https, ca-certificates, wget, git, gnupg, ntp
    [INFO] Installed packages ssh, openssh-server, nano, vim-nox, lsb-release, apt-transport-https, ca-certificates, wget, git, gnupg, ntp
    [INFO] Activating sury php repository.
    sh: 1: add-apt-repository: not found
    [ERROR] Exception occured: ISPConfigOSException -> Command add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/php failed. (/
    apt install software-properties-common
    solved the problem. SO I suggest you can add this package check on install as well.
    (PS - i also did install ISPConfig on another Ubuntu 20 , where the system was installed clean straight to v 20 - all went fine there, so i suggest this has smth to do with 18->20 Ubuntu update[/code]
  2. zyzzza

    zyzzza New Member

    Hmm.. things getting stuck even if Ubuntu 20.04 is fresh ... now it stopes here :

    [INFO] Installing packages php-pear, php-memcache, php-imagick, mcrypt, imagemagick, libruby, memcached, php-apcu, jailkit, php5.6, php5.6-common, php5.6-gd, php5.6-mysql, php5.6-imap, php5.6-cli, php5.6-mcrypt, php5.6-curl, php5.6-intl, php5.6-pspell, php5.6-recode, php5.6-sqlite3, php5.6-tidy, php5.6-xmlrpc, php5.6-xsl, php5.6-zip, php5.6-mbstring, php5.6-soap, php5.6-opcache, php5.6-cgi, php5.6-fpm, php7.0, php7.0-common, php7.0-gd, php7.0-mysql, php7.0-imap, php7.0-cli, php7.0-mcrypt, php7.0-curl, php7.0-intl, php7.0-pspell, php7.0-recode, php7.0-sqlite3, php7.0-tidy, php7.0-xmlrpc, php7.0-xsl, php7.0-zip, php7.0-mbstring, php7.0-soap, php7.0-opcache, php7.0-cgi, php7.0-fpm, php7.1, php7.1-common, php7.1-gd, php7.1-mysql, php7.1-imap, php7.1-cli, php7.1-mcrypt, php7.1-curl, php7.1-intl, php7.1-pspell, php7.1-recode, php7.1-sqlite3, php7.1-tidy, php7.1-xmlrpc, php7.1-xsl, php7.1-zip, php7.1-mbstring, php7.1-soap, php7.1-opcache, php7.1-cgi, php7.1-fpm, php7.2, php7.2-common, php7.2-gd, php7.2-mysql, php7.2-imap, php7.2-cli, php7.2-curl, php7.2-intl, php7.2-pspell, php7.2-recode, php7.2-sqlite3, php7.2-tidy, php7.2-xmlrpc, php7.2-xsl, php7.2-zip, php7.2-mbstring, php7.2-soap, php7.2-opcache, php7.2-cgi, php7.2-fpm, php7.3, php7.3-common, php7.3-gd, php7.3-mysql, php7.3-imap, php7.3-cli, php7.3-curl, php7.3-intl, php7.3-pspell, php7.3-recode, php7.3-sqlite3, php7.3-tidy, php7.3-xmlrpc, php7.3-xsl, php7.3-zip, php7.3-mbstring, php7.3-soap, php7.3-opcache, php7.3-cgi, php7.3-fpm, php7.4, php7.4-common, php7.4-gd, php7.4-mysql, php7.4-imap, php7.4-cli, php7.4-curl, php7.4-intl, php7.4-pspell, php7.4-sqlite3, php7.4-tidy, php7.4-xmlrpc, php7.4-xsl, php7.4-zip, php7.4-mbstring, php7.4-soap, php7.4-opcache, php7.4-cgi, php7.4-fpm, php8.0, php8.0-common, php8.0-gd, php8.0-mysql, php8.0-imap, php8.0-cli, php8.0-curl, php8.0-intl, php8.0-pspell, php8.0-sqlite3, php8.0-tidy, php8.0-xsl, php8.0-zip, php8.0-mbstring, php8.0-soap, php8.0-opcache, php8.0-cgi, php8.0-fpm
    [ERROR] Exception occured: ISPConfigOSException -> Installing packages failed. (/
  3. ahrasis

    ahrasis Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I haven't tested the auto-installer but I think it should check the command before using it as it seems in your case the command is missing.

    Just curious, are sure you have fully followed Ubuntu 20.04 minimal tutorial before proceeding with ISPCOnfig auto installer?
  4. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    How was this update done?
    Like @ahrasis wrote, this manual must be followed to install the minimal OS server on which autoinstaller runs:
    There is similar tutorial for Debian if autoinstaller is run on Debian GNU/Linux.
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    software-properties-common is normally installed on Ubuntu and Debian even when choosing a minimal install, seems as if you are using a completely stripped down image where someone removed this basic package with apt tools. So its more or less a bug of your OS image where this common package is missing, but we should add a workaround in the auto-installer to fix such OS images on the fly by installing it.

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