Install apche, phpand mysql centos 6.0 with version specific each one

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by anroswell, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. anroswell

    anroswell New Member

    ¿How can i install in centos 6.0, the version of apache 2.2, php 5.3.0 and mysql,

    Centos 6.0 come with the version of apache 5.3.8 and that not work for me, i need apche 5.3.0, how can i do for install it.

    Than for the answer and sorry for my bad english.
  2. nbhadauria

    nbhadauria New Member

    You can use yum ..

    First you need to allow downgrade for yum and for that you need to install yum-allowdowngrad utility program, but its very easy to install, Just issue the following command:

    #yum install yum-allowdowngrade

    Now add a line to your yum.conf file, its located in /etc/yum.conf
    #vi /etc/yum.conf

    After that list all php packages:

    yum list php

    If php 5.3.0 is available, remove new one:

    yum remove php

    and install an old one:

    yum --allow-downgrade install php-5.3.0 php-cli-5.3.0 php-common-5.3.0
  3. anroswell

    anroswell New Member

    Hellou thank for you answer, i try your instruction but i couldn't,

    No package yum-allowdowngrade available
    Error: Nothing to do

    i can't install

    i download the package apache2, mysql and php 5.3.0, all .tar.gz and going to try install manually.

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