Install 2.2.6 on Debian Etch?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dabro, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. dabro

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    I'm upgrading to a new box running Debian Etch from a Fedora 5 installation. I've been using ISPConfig 2.2.6 on the old box. I wanted to install 2.2.6 on the Debian box and do a sql restore to install my old websites into the new box. I can't get 2.2.6 to install, it says that Debian 4.0 is not supported? I've found threads searching here about people using 2.2.6 on Etch. I'm planning to upgrade to 2.2.16 but I remember vaguely that you can't restore into a later version installation. I think I need to have 2.2.6 installed first, maybe I'm wrong? Any help would be appreciated, Dave
  2. till

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    I recommend that you update your old server to ISPConfig 2.2.16 and then move the database to a new server where you installed 2.2.16 too.
  3. dabro

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    Over that hurdle!

    Thanks Till for the reply! I was hesitant to upgrade to 2.2.16 on the old Fedora box because I had failures before trying to install later ISPConfig packages on it. However I had updated the packages on it and 2.2.16 upgraded my old version fine. I've got the old database installed on my new Debian box largely OK. There was some problems with Apache2 paths but I'm getting closer. I'm trying to get suPHP installed on the new box, having some problems but I'll start a new thread, Thanks again, Dave

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