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  1. wenu

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    i have problem in instalation ispconfig .
    i want install it on ubuntu 9.04 on localhost . and there is my question. what I must write in "please enter the host name " and "enter the domain"

    i have router serwer ip ip my computer .

    Sorry for my bad english
  2. bernholdt

    bernholdt Member

    In hostname you write www and domain you just enter the ip of the server that should work
  3. wenu

    wenu New Member

  4. Craig

    Craig New Member

    One simple way to solve your problem, maybe, is to execute a reverse DNS on your IP and see what it comes up with and then enter that, assuming it is actually set and is reasonable.

    There are many sites that you can look up your reverse dns on so a quick Google should point you in the right direction.
  5. Al1937

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    I do believe that your server IP must be outside the DHCP range 2- 50.
    Set up your server IP to
    vi /etc/network/interfaces
    vi /etc/hosts

    when you do the init.d it will look like you're hung up.
    Just reboot and puTTy
    You will be in business.
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