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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by alexwalkey, Sep 27, 2007.

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    Advantage of Debian is an easy possibility to upgrade the release version.
    Ok with centos you could do the same, but it is, for my opinion, quite tricky.
  2. alexwalkey

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    What I've found so far...

    Hi everyone,

    First off, a big thank you for all your help (hopefully I'll remember to hit the Thank You buttons too :) )

    Secondly, I apologise for not replying to your posts earlier. One reasons is that I didn't actually get any emails about those new posts...

    Okay, so anyway: I found out the long way pretty much exactly what you guys just mentioned. Debian is the way to go. I tried SUSE again and again, on different machines, and... the same issues. I installed Etch and everything went ahead without a hitch. All is running beautifully now.

    Another thing I was having trouble with was really slow FTP speeds in SUSE - Etch has no such issues and FTP flies along.

    If I could make some suggestions to the developers/"guide contributors":

    I found your Perfect Setup guides really useful and helluva user-friendly, but that all falls down when it comes time to install ISPConfig. Why don't the perfect setup guides carry on with the ISPConfig install commands? It would certainly make things easier. OR carry on with the same commands on the ISPConfig Manual page you are taken to if you click the link in the Perfect Setup Guides.

    Also, why not put a sticky right at the top of the forums or on the front page of the ISPConfig site, recommending Debian? Or put a little disclaimer at the start of the SUSE guide saying - "Okay this has worked, but we've also experienced problems, if you have no preference we would recommend Debian Etch"

    Okay that's all. Let me just end saying that I think all the work everyone has put into these guides and into ISPConfig is incredible, and I really hope I'm not coming across as ungrateful.


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    Blank PHP Page

    HI, I am having 100% exact problem, I've just uploaded simple php file with phpinfo(); on its shows fine but on shows just a blank page, would you be able to tell me how actually you solved the problem.. I am very new to Linux and running Fedora 8. not sure why this is happening ... and even you didnt mention any solution clearliy.
    thanks in advance
  4. alexwalkey

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    I'm not sure it is the same problem. Sounds a little different. But, while I'm no pro (pretty obvious from the above posts I guess :) ) if I can give you one piece of advice:

    If you're not running anything live yet, and haven't already put too much into it, I would recommend you ditch Fedora and go with Debian Etch. Since I got it running (my previous post) - all of my problems disappeared and and I've had no other issues since. Just download Etch and follow the Perfect Setup guides. It's a bit of a mission, I guess, to go through the whole installation again, but well worth it when it saves you weeks of headaches.

    Good luck!

  5. askmefor

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    Alex, thanks for your seems to be fixed. i've deleted the sites in ISPConfig, removed them from the database (isp_isp_domain) removed default web directories, removed DNS and recreated everything from scratch.... and now it seems to be running.... i'll test in detail otherwise i've to move on according to your suggesstions :p

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