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Should emails be included with site backup?

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  1. undoIT

    undoIT New Member

    I just tested the site backup function and only web files and database are included. What about emails? If one is using imap and leaving messages stored on server, it is very important to backup the emails.
  2. undoIT

    undoIT New Member

    Along these lines, how about storing the emails in:

    etc according to client/site, with appropriate permissions (i.e. client1/web1)...

    instead of:

    This would accomplish two things.

    1. It would make migrating email accounts from one server to another much easier by eliminating the need to struggle with file/folder permissions.

    2. The current backup implementation would also backup all server emails without any additional configuration to the backup script.
  3. undoIT

    undoIT New Member

    Until email backup is implemented in ISPconfig, if you would like to manually backup your emails, you can run the following:

    7z a -t7z -mx9 /var/www/clients/client1/web1/private/vmail_9.7z /var/vmail
    Note: I use pzip with maximum compression = least amount of space consumed on server and least amount of time/bandwidth downloading backup file.

    I used the private folder for the command just in case you haven't setup backups and had the backup folder already created by ISPconfig. This can be run manually or you could create a cronjob. Of course, the paths can be adjusted for whatever cllient/site you wish to make the backup available to and/or to backup the emails for a specific site.
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig is a multiserver controlpanel for ISP's, in a commercial ISP setup you wont have email and web services on the same server. so the emails can neither be stored in the web tree (as it does not exist in the mail server) and also the backup function wont have access to the mail folders when it is run on the web server.

    We are working to implement a separate email backup solution, but it can nt be integrated into the web backup for the above reasons.

    Additionally, there is already a backup script availabe for email and web backups for ispconfig, so you dont have to backup anything manually like you mentioned above:

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