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  1. akamarinos

    akamarinos New Member

    mydns creates by it self
    ptr records for records it is aware of

    what mydns is not aware of is the subnet that the records belong to


    if I own subnet with netmask

    mydns will create a zone like this

    but this is wrong because I don't belong the whole class c subnet

    if I try to modify the zone with the right one which is

    I get

    what would the valid format be?
  2. tebokkel

    tebokkel New Member

    ARPA-zones are always delegated in class C networks (/24 or 256 addresses) or bigger. There is no way to divide this into smaller subnets.

    If you don't own the whole /24 subnet, or (as in my case once) the APRA-delegation is not correctly set to your NS, contact the ARPA-administrator or your LIR (Local Internet Registrar). The correct person can be difficult to trace, but this command should set you on their track:

    dig +trace -x ipaddress
    (dig +trace -x

  3. akamarinos

    akamarinos New Member

    after some reading I realized you are right

    after a conversation with my isp
    I made a zone that isn't working
    the zone name is eg. "32/"

    my isp tries to import this zone into his dns (he is using bind)
    but he gets "Transfer failed."

    my iptables is off
    and I have my isp dns servers into "Allow zone transfers to these IPs (comma separated list)"

    what could be wrong ??
  4. akamarinos

    akamarinos New Member

    I've tried from another server that I have ispconfig installed
    to fetch the zone but I get

    in /etc/mydns.conf
    I have allow-axfr = yes

    where xx.xx.xx.xx = ipaddress of the server running mydns + mydnsconfig
  5. akamarinos

    akamarinos New Member

    finally i made it

    thanks falcontx :)

    anyone having the same problem have a look over here

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