Importing Outlook Express Emails Into Thunderbird And Evolution

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    - Page 2, section 4.

    Just something that affected me that may you may wish to add/edit.

    After editing and saving 'profiles.ini' - the paragraph states "Save the file, and start Thunderbird afterwards. If nothing went wrong, you will now see all your emails, contacts, and account settings in Thunderbird:"

    I did this and it went pete tong (wrong):) - a new default folder was created and so it did not use the windows one I copied over. Here is how I got round it.

    My windows profile directory was called nyd2n3ga.default. The default profiles directory was called qihic9je.default. And when I started Thunderbird, instead of using my windows profile it created a new one called yrzdooan.default.

    So this is what I did:
    rm -rf /home/dazblade/.thunderbird/qihic9je.default/
    rm -rf /home/dazblade/.thunderbird/yrzdooan.default/
    chmod 700 /home/dazblade/.thunderbird/nyd2n3ga.default
    Then when I started Thunderbird - Voila! all my profile data was imported with all my emails etc.

    Also, just a minor difference, you mentioned the path as ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/ but on my system, Fedora 7, the path is ~/.thunderbird/

    Anyway, hope that helps some folk. Because the article certainly helped me, thanks Falko.
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