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  1. madmac007

    madmac007 New Member

    Is it possible to do an Import from Bind9 to Mydns3?
    or does it need to be imported the long manual way.

  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I think you'd have to do it manually...
  3. madmac007

    madmac007 New Member


    Thanks for the reply Falko.

    I better get typing.

  4. madmac007

    madmac007 New Member

    Bind master

    On this note ,
    Can we not just tell the BIND Master to replicate to this new MYDNS server?

    I`m already thinking NOT as the data is stored differently, .

    Just Looking for a reason not to do a whole bunch of typing.

  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You can make a BIND server a slave of a MyDNS server, but I don't think the other way round is possible...
  6. Darla Chantelle

    Darla Chantelle New Member

    You will not be able to act as dns server for them without getting approval from the ARPA. Also, if you do wish to do this you will need at least 2 servers for redundancy, preferably located at different geographic locations. You can host websites, but to do this you will need a fixed IP address from your ISP. This will cost extra, and some providers will not do this. You may also need to change to a business account. The bind name server will be usefull for setting up an internal dns, that way you can test internally to www.your.friends.domain pointing to your internal private address, and see what is seen from outside via your public address.
  7. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    mydnsimport -axfr=bindserver.domain.tld importdomain.tld
    Just be sure you enabled AXFR on the bind server.

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